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Job title : Head of Brand Marketing jobs in Abuja Job Location : Abuja Deadline : 15-Apr-22 Quick Recommended Links
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Role Description

Understanding the mindsets and capturing the imaginations of consumer's and key influencers in the business's market.

Playa primary role in leading and driving the brand marketing department while building strong relationships across the business as well as externally.

Puts together an exceptional brand marketing cross-functional team, and leads its development, driving new ideas and crucial day-to-day brand marketing operations with the support of this team and senior management.

Strong understanding of the platforms, channels, and strategies/approaches that will enable the brand marketing department to reach all it's audiences.

Drives the operational delivery of strategy, inclusive of communications campaigns.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Brand Marketing
Leadership/Management/Supervisory Role: The first and most prominent responsibility of the Head of Brand Marketing is his leadership over the brand marketing department. In this position, the Head of Brand Marketing is responsible for the overall management of junior brand marketing managers, these are, the brand marketers, digital marketers . in his leadership capacity, is also tasked with the creation of a departmental vision that he instills in all levels of the department, which form part of the business culture. He is also tasked with overseeing the business's online brand marketing campaigns on digital channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, business websites, email and so forth.
The Head of Brand Marketing also oversees offline brand marketing approaches such as design marketing and hardcopy promotional materials. He manages and works with individual teams and ensures consistency and appropriateness of the brand's messages in the market.
The Head of Brand Marketing has overall responsibility over all creative outputs inclusive of web promotional materials, selection of creative agencies, creative briefings, graphics, photography, etc. across the business.
The Head of Brand Marketing also plays a mentorship role to key personnel in the brand marketing department, honing their professional skills and preparing them to occupy his position in the future.
Strategy: The Head of Brand Marketing also plays a major strategic role. He develops and manages the business's brand strategy as well as corresponding brand elements in order to maximize the brand's equity.
The Head of Brand Marketing is responsible for the creation and placement of advertising that is in support of the business's and sales team's initiatives through media planning, creative development, metrics, market research, and vendor management.
The Head of Brand Marketing is also responsible for the creation of all forms of marketing, for example, interactive marketing, direct marketing campaigns, advertising, sales collateral, press releases, and executive presentations.
He is in charge of the development of the execution plan for thought leadership initiatives, where he uses a wide range of content in order to build awareness and credibility for business and brand in the market, simultaneously establishing the organization as a thought leader in the market.
He additionally plays the role of ensuring that all branding programs are aligned with the overall business objectives and that they are optimized and relevant to multiple audiences.
Collaboration: The role of the Head of Brand Marketing, as expected, is highly collaborative.
The Head of Brand Marketing works closely with the Sales department, the Director and CEO in formulation and delivery of both the offline and online brand marketing elements/strategies. These elements are inclusive but not limited to brand design, partnership marketing, content, public relations, and advertising.
The Head of Brand Marketing also partners with senior brand marketing management in the drawing of the departments' budget and its subsequent allocation within the department. He also assists the Director in managing and integrating the public relations process into all program activities for the purpose of achieving ROI and maximum positive coverage.
He also works with the head of sales in ensuring relevant brand promotion that will lead to the achievement of maximum ROI.
Analytics: The Head of Brand Marketing plays a major analytical role in establishing metrics for the purpose of measuring campaign effectiveness against KPI's. At this capacity, he also establishes a process for benchmarking the brand's performance in various in order to ensure that campaigns are relevant and competitive.
The Head of Brand Marketing also ensures the completion of market analyses and monitors the competitive activity in the market as well as conducting gap analysis , which avail the business a competitive advantage and facilitate the realization of new brand marketing opportunities for the business. In this capacity he also integrates PR processes in brand marketing campaigns that ensures maximization of ROI.
The Head of Brand Marketing is also tasked with the preparation of reports on campaign performance, which he presents to senior brand marketing management, key stakeholders, and external partners.
Other Duties: The Head of Brand Marketing also performs other duties as he deems necessary for the smooth execution of his duties or duties as assigned by the Executive Director or CEO.
Required Qualifications of the Senior Brand Marketing
Education: The Head of Brand Marketing has to have a master's degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or any other related field. The equivalent in working experience is also acceptable.
The ideal candidate for this position has to have had at least 8years working experience in a marketing capacity, conducting online marketing, marketing publicity and communications, creating leads for the sales team digital design, website management, paid marketing, or preferably brand marketing at the capacity of a Senior Brand Marketing Manager in a fast-paced and extremely competitive environment.
The candidate must also have had successful experience in launching and driving brand marketing campaigns that have built momentum for a brand's awareness and consumer acquisition.
Skilled in digital branding marketing approaches but also traditional/offline approaches such as print publicity , event partnership, etc.
The Head of Brand Marketing also has to have had proven and successful experience building brand and passion in a complex and highly competitive market. He will also have had a proven track record in delivering sustainable improvements in marketing campaigns' ROI.
Communication Skills: The position of the Head of Brand Marketing is a highly interactive and demands exceptional communication skills both in verbal and written form. As the leader of the brand marketing department, the effectiveness of junior brand marketing and collaborating personnel will be highly dependent on his ability to convey information and instructions in a clear and unambiguous manner.
The Head of Brand Marketing also has to deliver reports and presentations to senior management, relevant stakeholders, and external partners and, as such, he has to be able to tailor complex messages for different crowds in a relatable and understandable manner.
Ms Office/Software: The Head of Brand Marketing must also show proficiency in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, which are necessary in the creation of verbally and visually engaging offline branding materials, reports, and presentations. He also has to be proficient in the use of softwares such as Adobe Creative Suite 6, Illustrator, and InDesign that are necessary for the creation of engaging branding materials and content.
Analytical/Technical Skills: The role of the Head of Brand Marketing is a commercial marketing role and it is necessary that he demonstrates an ability to formulate and present actionable insight from analysis of research data.
He must be able to develop consumer and market information and insights through analysis of raw information and data leading to informed decision making and ultimately, increased sales volume, enhanced consumer acquisition and retention, and profit-per-unit. A suitable candidate will also possess vast skill and knowledge in CRM systems and databases as well as marketing automation.
Interpersonal Skills: The candidate should be an enthusiastic worker, consumer-oriented, have a passion for delivering meaningful social impact and simultaneously generating the business income, have excellent problem solving skills, possess an ability to handle multiple projects, prioritize and meet deadlines. He will also be self motivated and proactive, he will have an insatiable thirst for knowledge always keeping up with market trends, he


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