Human Resources Officer

Job Description


a Human resources Officer who will oversee the overall people management procedures/operations across the organization and promote corporate vision, mission, values and culture at a strategic and operational level to drive new TLP/TLPC initiatives.Qualifications:▪ Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Humanities or other related fields of study.▪ MBA or Masters Degree is an added advantage.▪ Professional Certification in CIPM, CIPD, HRCI, SHRM or any relevant certification.▪ A minimum of 5 - 7 years relevant experience as an HR Generalist with a minimum of 4 years at managerial level.▪ In-depth knowledge of Nigerian Labour Law and HR best practicesResponsibilities:Strategic and Managerial Roles▪ Develop short- and long-term HR Plans that are aligned to the corporate goals of TLP.▪ Drive strategic development programs to identify and manage the employees in the organisation.▪ Advise and counsel heads of department on their team management procedures such as monitoring team’s activities, handling disciplinary procedures, performance management, training etc.▪ Ensure legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource procedures in line with Nigerian Labour Laws.▪ Prepare Management report on the department’s activities.Recruitment and Talent Planning▪ Ensure there is an appropriate recruitment and selection policy for TLP▪ Evaluate TLP’s talent resources to meet current and future demands.▪ Develop recruitment and talent management strategies for sourcing candidates, assessment, interview and selection process.▪ Conduct an overall recruitment process to fill job openings.▪ Oversee the preparation of new employees for assignments such as induction, orientation, onboarding and training programs.▪ Maintain the organisational structure by monitoring the update of job requirements and job descriptions for all current and future positions.▪ Develop and ensure the distribution and comprehension of the employee handbook.▪ Conduct and analyse stay and exit interviews and recommend employee retention improvement measures.▪ Work with Director/HODs to develop an integrated succession plan, performance management and talent management strategy.▪ Manage sensitive organisational communication regarding redundancy or performance concerns to avoid legal implications.Learning and Development▪ Encourage an enabling learning and development environment to inspire the creation of a culture that encourages individual and organisational learning.▪ Drive a robust learning and development program to address soft and technical skills gaps.▪ Ensure proper onboarding of new staff is done▪ Work with heads of departments to identify their team’s individual capability levels and gaps for optimum performance.▪ Succession Plan - Use knowledge of the organisational strategy and operating plans toanticipate evolving and future capability and talent requirements and identify potentials.▪ Ensure that development, deployment and career management processes are in line with the organisation’s talent management principles and provide fair access of opportunity for all.▪ Monitor the training needs analysis process to identify and address skills gaps.▪ Facilitate executive leadership learning events and workshops, delivering content as appropriate.▪ Ensure the compliance with ITF regulations and benefit from the reimbursementPolicy formulation Duties▪ Provide a full range of administrative support to the Director and assist with policy formulation or implementation, and school improvement▪ Articulates divisional goals and policies as appropriate to staff, students, parents and customer▪ Participates in organizational decision-making and in the formulation of TLP practices and procedures.Performance Management and Reward Systems▪ Plan, oversee and monitor the performance appraisal system of employees.▪ Work with the heads of department to oversee employees work activities and evaluate/appraise work results.▪ Ensure that reward plans are linked and supportive of overall reward strategy and other people activities such as performance management, employee engagement.▪ Lead the delivery of key organisation-wide pay and reward strategy and plans, choosing an appropriate mix of base to variable pay, fixed to flexible benefits and pay to non-pay rewards.▪ Continually review the reward strategy with executive leaders to manage cost/benefit balance against strategic requirements.▪ Recommend and maintain a competitive and flexible employee reward and benefits program that will attract, motivate and retain individuals/groups as well as drive organisational strategy/plans.▪ Design a performance management system (using KPIs) that clearly defines behaviours, values and expected performance level that is rewarded in the organisation.Payroll Administration▪ Ensure that the organisation’s compensation and benefits packages comply with statutory and regulatory requirements at Federal and State levels such as minimum wages and tax liabilities.▪ Oversee the monthly preparation and distribution of salaries and wages.▪ Review and monitor payroll information for accuracy i.e. collating, calculation, payroll data, payroll account reconciliations etc.▪ Keep up to date with all aspects of relevant payroll management policy and communicate relevant changes to the organisation▪ Manage all terminations and redundancies benefits process in line with the legal requirement.▪ Manage the payment of allowances such as transportation allowance, medical allowance, reimbursements, leave as applicable.▪ Review the reconciliation of employee deductions and statutory payments.▪ Prepare payroll reports for the Management and other relevant personnel▪ Compile summaries of earnings, taxes, deductions, leave, disability, and nontaxable wages.Quality Control Duties▪ Oversee and manage quality assurance and enhancement activities throughout the School.▪ To manage preparations for external assessments of the School’s academic provision.▪ To lead and manage the production of relevant quality assurance literature, reports and other documentation.▪ To represent the best interests of the School at all times and maintain an effective and appropriate balance of approach in all activities.▪ To stimulate and contribute to the development of institutional policies, strategies and systems for the quality assurance and enhancement activities.▪ To chair working groups as appropriate.▪ To continuously review quality control processes, procedures and capabilities in order to sustain the most cost-effective and efficient methods for meeting quality requirements, and making recommendations for improvement as appropriate.▪ To coordinate and control the day to day operations of inspection personnel, so as to provide a safe, secure and efficient working environment, ensuring;▪ Ensure all equipment is safely operated.▪ All physical resources are maintained, stored and organised to allow efficient and effective operation.▪ Manage and control all quality control activities in accordance with identified Quality Assurance Standards, TLP procedures, client specifications and contract requirements.Organisational Design▪ Anticipate the need for change in structures and span of controls to maximise efficiency to achieve organisational objectives.▪ Using external benchmark data, identify the mismatches between current design and organisational need to help identify the way the organisation needs to operate.▪ Identify and engage with Senior Managers on the purpose, principles and benefits of change.▪ Develop a business case for redesigning the organisation including options and recommendation; proposing a design solution that aligns structure, process, reward, metrics and talent▪ Work with heads of department to assess the impact of organisation design on factors such as behaviour, attitudes, culture, system and communication.▪ Lead and engage Senior Managers in driving the process of change and its implementation.Employee Relations and Engagement▪ Develop a strategic, comprehensive and actionable approach to employee engagement focusing on benefits to individuals and the organisation.▪ Develop employee relations handbook, plans, policies and practices to cover the full employee engagement with the organisation.▪ Coach heads of department to foster positive working relationships with employees.▪ Enlighten Senior Managers on sensitive ER issues on the appropriate approach to conflict management including mediation.▪ Drive an employee engagement system to encourage and gain employee commitment.▪ Attend to and resolve employee grievances and complaints.▪ Design a filing and retrieval system of past and current employees’ records in line with legal compliance.▪ Confirm reference checks, police checks and background checks▪ Evaluate the employee progress against the organisation plans and key performance indicators; develop appropriate actions and initiatives to build an engaged workforce.▪ Lead the development of the employee relations process that supports the organisation’s objectives.▪ Oversee the records of employees’ absenteeism and leave status

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